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July 04 2017

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July 03 2017

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i wonder what this 200 year old salamander thinks about


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The most disturbing image of the Christ Child that I’ve ever come across:


I feel like he’s going to try and sell me a used car.






fun studying tip: if you’re a procrastinator, play tom jones’s “what’s new pussycat” on repeat while writing your papers and do not turn it off until you are finished, it will motivate you to finish that essay as quickly as possible

make sure to throw one “it’s not unusual” in the middle while u take ur quick snack break

Here you have the Infinite Jukebox that will play an infinite version of What’s new pussycat, randomly jumping through the verses and never getting to the end. 

do you ever regret a post and the hell it creates


I am so happy that John Mulaney has started something this powerful.

July 01 2017



Ageing slows the greater your impact on history. Washington, Churchill, and Lincoln live well into their 200s, while figures such as Julius Caesar live for close to a thousand years. It is your 5000th birthday, and you look as young as you did on your 21st.

I walk outside and to a massive crowd cheering me on. “Happy 5000th to the creator of Meet n’ Fuck games” reads a giant banner.

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sometimes you just gotta treat yourself 

this post gave me rickets

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I stumbled upon some real character development on YouTube of all places

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me about myself: interesting concept but poor execution!


I am personally offended by my phone when I turn on the camera and it shows me how ugly I am.

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mom of the year

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The most important thing I have learned in the past few months is that I’m not worthless and my self-respect really needs to be more present. I dealt with someone who treated me like nothing for a whole year and it destroyed my confidence but now I’m finally able to see things from a brighter perspective and though I’ll never be able to forgive the things that person did to me, it went a long way in showing me how I need to be better. So despite all those awful times, I’m glad that person came into my life. They showed me what I never want to become but more importantly, they showed me that I need to stand up for myself. 

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