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October 23 2017

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Probably around 15 times a year ill go into the group chat with my main girls and I’ll go on and on about how I met a guy and they’ll get like super hyped, and usually one will be like “it’s not going
to be that picture again is it” and in like “lololol no I wish tho” and I’ll keep it going telling stories about how we met at a screening of Toy Story and that he’s
really cute and kind of muscular but not to jacked and they always ask to see a picture of him and I go “hold on let me pull up his Facebook” and in the end I always send a picture of this man, and they’re like “I hate you so much” and don’t talk to me for a while but i will never give up on this joke

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amazing spider man

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Big Mood

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my friends cat had surgery and now he has no pants


kiss ur own forehead. haunt ur own house

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When you have major depression and your friends force you to go out to party:

I laughed so ugly and so loud at this you have no idea

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I’m the buying of a fucking coffin

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Ya’ll dead yet?

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Ladies, this is The Mood

October 05 2017


Get to know the blogger:

  1. I cannot be killed


new podcast: *appears*

blue apron: 

beanie babies was a simpler time



I read this as Bernie Babies

Here’s How Beanie Babies Can Still Win

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i want this on my grave

October 04 2017


me: I love minding my own business!

something: happens


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When the ads on this hellsite become a meme, you know that the end is near…

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